About Us

About Us

If you are looking for the perfect man to fulfill your life’s biggest dreams, RichMenFinder.com is the best place to be. Catering to women searching for rich men and those men who would like to meet the right woman for them, our website goes beyond expectations to make sure that all our members will be able to reach their goal of meeting their perfect partner.

Site Features

At RichMenFinder.com, you can have the peace of mind knowing that all of our members are certified rich singles. Every member goes through a thorough and comprehensive screening process where they also give an estimate of their income as a proof that they are really as rich as they claim.

Members can add as much as 26 public and private photos to their profiles for others to see. We also have an exciting Let’s Meet game that you can enjoy when you are not too busy. We have luxurious shows and special events that suit the taste and style of our members.

Our Goal

Attraction, success and ambition are often the strongest foundations to build a great and lasting relationship. These can offer the exciting opportunities of discovering many other things in life while eradicating the problems of financial stress which is all too often associated with modern living.

Here at RichMenFinder.com, there is something for everyone and anyone. We firmly believe that online dating can make a big difference in the lives of many people. You are probably after a more serious relationship or your interest might only be about moving in circles of casual and short term encounters. No matter what your intentions might be, there will always be someone in RichMenFinder.com who can fit into your requirements.

Find Someone Who Suits You Best

There is nothing wrong to want to be with someone who is attractive, experienced, confident, ambitious, and successful. People expect something more from a relationship since today’s way of life has changed the flow in the society. Many have become aware of what they need and want and as a dating site, RichMenFinder.com make sure to deliver only the best people so that you can look forward to finding that perfect person you have long been searching for.

Go for the Best, Not the Second Best

Among the biggest and most direct influences and contributions in any relationship is the character of a person and their attitude when it comes to ambition and success. People want so much more in a relationship and would like an online dating site where this is delivered. They don’t settle for less and they are eager to meet and interact with attractive and high caliber people, all of which can be found at RichMenFinder.com.


Successful Relationships Need Successful Men and Women

Men and women who enjoy great success tend to be more confident, knowledgeable and experienced in life. These people are wise and have already seen enough for them to know how they should live their life. You can find them all here at RichMenFinder.com!