6 Best Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

For wealthy men and the young ladies who love them, here are 6 popular sugar daddy sites that have drawn millions of members over the years. The advantages of using sugar daddy sites are considerable, especially for men who have spent their early life working to become wealthy and now are looking to share their lives with someone compatible.

Traditional dating sites do not work as it is difficult to find those looking for this type of relationship. The best sugar daddy sites are designed to help men find young love while women get the security they desire in a successful man. What follows are 6 popular sugar daddy dating sites that offer considerable advantages, but a few warnings so that you can make the best-informed decision.

1. Sugar Daddy Meet

sugar daddy meet

One of the oldest sites, SugarDaddyMeet has been around nearly 18 years and has established a strong reputation during that time. Despite its age, the site has mostly kept up with the times which makes it a good place for many wealthy men and the women who love them to start.

For being one of the oldest sites, SugarDaddyMeet offers solid features and free sign up which is always a plus. While there is a large database of members, those who are active are far fewer than expected. Also, the website could use some modernization to help with gaining new members.

Despite its flaws, SugarDaddyMeet is an excellent place for straight sugar daddies and young sugar babies to start. It’s fast, safe, and offers just enough active members to make it interesting.

2. Sugar Daddie

sugar daddie

For those who want to take care or be taken care of, SugarDaddie is one of the first dating sites specifically geared towards wealthy men looking for younger women. Despite being nearly 15 years old, the site is remarkably modern, fresh, and easy to navigate.

The quick sign up makes SugarDaddie one of the easiest sites to join. The fact that there is no automatic billing is a real plus for those who want to quit at any time. Although modern, some of the site design is a little outdated in its spartan approach.

SugarDaddie has some shortcomings, but it is still one of the best you can find for wealthy men and the ladies who love them.

3. Seeking Arrangement

seeking arrangement

This website is about as straightforward as you get with sugar daddies intentionally seeking sugar babies. However, this approach is at least refreshingly honest compared to many other similar sites. Plus, the site itself is free of matching algorithms, personality tests, and other frivolous material that makes SeekingArraingement get straight to the point.

Despite the expense, SeekingArraingment is well worth the money, especially for wealthy men looking for the right woman. For men who are growing tired of sites with few women, this is a definite improvement even if it is difficult to use.

4. Sugar Daddy for Me

sugar daddy for me

One of the most popular sugar daddy dating sites, SugarDaddyforMe offers over 4 million members and thousands who sign up each day. There are Gold and Silver membership levels, a fast registration process, and excellent profiles that offer plenty of choices.

The ability to look at the many different profiles without having to purchase a membership is a great way to try out the site. Having unlimited photo uploads is handy too when you want to add new pictures. Of course, sending gifts is a nice touch. The questionnaire is a bit skimpy, especially on the details which makes it difficult to get to know someone better. Also, there is no profile matching in the system which also makes the search last longer.

SugarDaddyforMe is a good, solid site that offers good advantages, but it is not the best.

5. Whats Your Price

whats your price

One step away from an escort service, WhatsYourPrice ask men to pony up money to pay for dates in an auction format with the winner providing the highest bid.

Apart from the questionable morality, the main issue with WhatsYourPrice is that many dates do not bother to show up. They accept the bid, make all the promises, and many never make it to the date. For normal dating sites it is annoying, but at least you are not out anything other than the fuel for your vehicle. Until this part is corrected, WhatsYourPrice is not recommended.

Perhaps whatsyourprice.com does not deserve some of its reputations, but it is paying for dates which is different than finding someone who is right for you. If you don’t care, then WhatsYourPrice may be perfect for you.

6. Established Men

established men

One of the more famous sugar daddy dating sites, EstablishedMen offers roughly the same features as many similar sites, but with the difference that women who are available for dates will be listed on the site. While not quite an escort service, it does come close considering the structure of the site.

The privacy features are certainly nice, making it quite discrete for its members.Like many dating sites, there are many fake or questionable profiles, so be careful. While posting is free, you will have to do some culling to find the right one. Plus, it can be expensive if you get a full membership.

EstablishedMen has the strong advantage of looking around the site for free after you set up a profile. However, unless you need a quick date for a gathering or event, there are better sites.